[A] Monk , Windwalker and OS brewmaster OR mistweave / what you guys want.

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[A] Monk , Windwalker and OS brewmaster OR mistweave / what you guys want. Empty [A] Monk , Windwalker and OS brewmaster OR mistweave / what you guys want.

Post by Zîrky on Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:53 pm

1. My age is 16, will reach 17 this summer 26 june.
2. I live in snowy Sweden Smile
3.http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Z%C3%AArker/simple (He was my main, bad geared) But i am lvling a monk who i will make my new main to join the guild.
4. My mainspecc will be Windwalker, But if needed i will ofcourse go heal and tank if you need, Currently Windwalker MS, Brewmaster OS.
5. Currently cant show my alt, lvl 51 date:13-03-08, will be my main.
6. Skipped , Talked with Myllee and i dont currently have any logs on monk so.
7. My average is verry stable at 66ms ingame.
8. I raided hard in wotlk and tbc doing kara,BT,Sunwell and was clearing naxx in wotlk the first weeks.
I learn the tactics verry easy from raids. I do love to use teamspeak for easier raiding.
Those times i was tanking as a paladin but from now on i got pretty bored from tanking and im more interested in DPS or Healing.
9. The only guild i remember was the guild i did Naxx with, The Pirate Freakshow and why i left is because the guild became corrupt after a GM left, People became to much focused on gear instead of having fun doing the raids and helping people, Ofcourse i like gearing up but im more of social friendly guild who like to have some fun and being serious in raids and that can share all the rewards ^^,
10. I was browsing the internet for "Pve guilds silvermoon-eu" on google and found a list with this guild on it, i read some information about you guys and i became more interested and i would be so happy to join a chill and such experienced community. I was pretty exited to maybe have a chanse to join and raid with you all, I love becoming part of a guild that looks so interested in the game and have such a tight community with friendly players /guy in guild i was talking to was so friendly and guided me who to talk to and what to do, Thank you.
11. I do play Windwalker right now on my monk as mainspecc but brewmaster is stronger atm because of the aoe, I dont prefer to learn rotation before i hit lvl 90 because at 1-90 i prefer to learn my class slowly and then adapt my rotation to my gear and skill.
But once im lvl 90 and done a few hc's i could tell you everything (:
12. Right now the offspecc is brewmaster but i don't fancy it that much. Yes it is fun but not efficient.
I could roll DK/Warr/Pally tank and be so much stronger than Brewmaster tanking, I feel personally that we have no good defensive stats because i get hit hard and healer has to struggle. BUT i am only lvl 51 and experimenting so nothing serious yet, Once you max your dodge it could become viable in raids.
I can consider going Mistweaver monk for healing if you guys would want it.
13. The time you guys have for raiding fits my schedule so good it is nuts, I really love it having no raids on mondays because that destroys me (: im in engineering school and mondays are hell.
14. I can take anything, IF its criticism i can handle it, i kinda like it because i can adapt and become better at the game and you guys have to keep comment what you dont like that i do and what i do good so i will perform better while raiding or just as a member in the guild.
15. Fastest way to contact me is ingame on my monk Zîrky or warrior Zêrker.
You could add my battlenet also or you could have my mobile number if such contact information is required.

cheers I really hope i get to join you guys! have a great day cheers


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[A] Monk , Windwalker and OS brewmaster OR mistweave / what you guys want. Empty Re: [A] Monk , Windwalker and OS brewmaster OR mistweave / what you guys want.

Post by Myllee on Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:03 pm

Accepted as social.

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