Wildménd, 538 Resto Druid application.

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Wildménd, 538 Resto Druid application. Empty Wildménd, 538 Resto Druid application.

Post by Wildménd1 on Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:56 pm


  1. Your age and location: 17, UK, Manchester.
  2. Tell us something about yourself: Fun, but also serious when it comes to raiding.
  3. Armory Link for Main Char:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Wildm%C3%A9nd/simple
  4. MS/OS:MS-Resto. OS-Balance.
  5. Link to a (preferably recent) World Of Logs parse:Not got one.
  6. Your average latency in game:70-80.
  7. What prior raiding experience do you have?Taking past expansions out of consideration. I have done MGV, Normal, and HC clear. HOF Normal clear, TOES Normal clear. ToT, 12/12 several times, and also killed Jin'Rokh on HC, and Ji'Kun on HC a few times. I know all tactics on HC bosses.
  8. What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave? Recently came over to Silvermoon with a guild called Peril. I left due to a job, that has now been sorted out, and also, the constant drama/no progression.
  9. Where did you hear about us? Why do you want to be a part of this guild? Seen you guys posting in trade, and i want to be part of the guild, cause it looks like a decent guild, and the guy i whispered seemed fairly friendly.
  10. Tell us about your Main Classe's main spec? How do you play it? (Feel free to be as detailed as possible)- My main class's main spec, is resto, i really enjoy healing, i like the way Druids are as a healer, the constant hots, and the strong heals. I like to play my druid, as haste stack, because then wild growth does insane heals, reju ticks a lot more, lifebloom for tanks tick a lot more, which increases survivability for tanks, tranquility ticks more which is great for emergency. I also talent force of nature, which summons 3 treants, giving an incredible healing boost. Allthough i have only played Resto 18 months, i know what i'm doing with it.
  11. How about your offspec? Not really that much with Balance, i don't enjoy it that much, and barely play it.
  12. What tools and websites do you use to get the best out of your character? I don't. I spend hours, playing around, switching talents, and reforges, and enchants, to see which suits me best, and which i can do more in, and that works. I find copying websites boring and also find when i do it my way, it works a lot better for me.
  13. Our raid days are Wed, Thurs 20:00-23:00 and Sun 19:00-23:00 game time - what kind of attendance are you able to offer us? Those days work perfectly for me. Wed, and Thurs, are boring days anyway, and Sunday is a lazy day. So i can offer 100% attendance, and if for any reason i cannot attend, you will know 2 weeks prio.
  14. Do you have working __af_placement_id--[AFF-PLACEMENT-ID].html]headphones and a microphone (note that this is pretty much a requirement)?Yup, i do.
  15. Are you able to accept (sometimes harsh) criticism during progress without taking it personally? Yeah, of course.
  16. What is the fastest way for us to contact you? Check if i'm online on game, if not add me on Skype, on "ryan.mellor5" or email me.
  17. Thanks!


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Wildménd, 538 Resto Druid application. Empty Re: Wildménd, 538 Resto Druid application.

Post by Myllee on Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:41 pm

Hi Wildmend and thanks for applying,

Unfortunately, atm we have 3 druids in the main team, 2 of which are boomkins. And 4 druids in a 10m raiding guild is definitely too much.

Thank you for expressing an interest in us and good luck in whatever you choose to do Smile


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